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We can delay aging in a very simple way, efficient and without any health risks. We just have to counteract the main premature aging risk factors: overweight, fat and stress excess (considered by the WHO the first and second largest epidemics of the 21st century, respectively), physical inactivity, high cholesterol, arterial hypertension, smoking and alcoholism, emotional and hormonal imbalances, bad quality of sleep, wrong foods, hardening of the arteries, poor circulation.
The Programs at Clínica do Tempo®, through the orthomolecular nutrition, the food and behavioural reeducation, the body and facial modelling, and a set of non-invasive exclusive treatments, allow to provide the organism of its own defence mechanisms that makes us every day less vulnerable, stronger and healthier. Here is the eternal youth formula so wanted and looked for along centuries, at our immediate reach.
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