Tomás Barbosa, son of Humberto Barbosa, completed his degree in Nutrition at the Universidade Atlântica, in Lisbon, in 2010. Certified by the Tudor Bompa Institute (TBI) in Sport Nutrition Expert.

Born in 1988, since a child he “drank and breathed” nutrition and longevity from living together with that reality. His father frequently took him along to go his clinic!

At age 3, when in kindergarten he attended he was asked what would he like to become in the future, while his young colleagues answer policeman or fireman or astronaut, Tomás would reply with conviction: NUTRITIONIST!

He grew up, studied and as soon as he completed his degree he became part of the nutritionist team at Clínica do Tempo.

Although passionate about all fields of nutrition and longevity, he has a special attraction for sport’s nutrition and how to stay young and to live longer.

He himself was a federate sportsman, basketball player, and still practices the knowledge he transmits to his clients, namely on healthy food and daily physical exercise, as a way to extend youth and lifetime.

His image is the reflexion of that lifestyle and a motivation for clients who visit him and specially like the plainness and simplicity how they are received at his consultation, and the assistance they get along the entire programme at Clínica
do Tempo.

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Dr. Tomás Barbosa