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Our treatment is focused on localised fat that cannot be destroyed just with a diet and physical exercise. Someone overweight with extra fat may get very happy after 2 months on a diet, and lots of sweat, if 5 kg were lost. But in reality only 1 kg of fat and 4 kg of lean tissue were lost (muscle, water). When those 5 kg are recovered, what normally happens next, the situation is not the same because truth is that weight loss was totally recovered as fat, resulting 4 kg of more fat and 4 kg less of lean tissue. With the Liposhaper® what you really lose is fat just where you want it destroyed.
The Food Reeducation and Behavioural program and Body Modelling by Clínica do Tempo®, enables an individualisation of the alimentary regime and weight and fat excess reduction in any part of the body, in a healthy and natural way.
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