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Returning from holidays is usually accompanied by good resolutions. Gladly going back to work and to sports practice, finding a creative activity, getting fit and being in-shape again. All these are wise decisions, but be careful not to demand too much, that will cause on you a too much pressure to cope with on a daily basis. So do not overbook your time-schedule, live at your own pace, forget about calories, accept your limitation, sleep whenever you feel like and you may, have fun without regret, accept not to be perfect, don’t expect to be in control of everything, stop comparing yourself with others.
Start preparing your coming to Clínica do Tempo® where all treatments are totally natural, non-invasive, where you may take care of your mind and physique, your body and face, delay your facial and all your body’s aging, lose and control weight, tone your muscles, get rid of the localised fat and cellulite, and live your vacation return in full emotional balance.
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