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Food is any substance that may be absorbed by the organism, in order to provide fuel, constituents, regulatory substances, without affecting it.
For a normal development and health, the body requires a regime that includes proteins, mineral salts, carbo hydrates, fats, water and vitamines, in the correct proportions.
Metabolism is the conversion of food into living tissues. It includes the digestion, assimilation, tissue renewal and supply of heat and energy. In order to keep the human body in a balanced state, the metabolism disturbances that are responsible for weight gain and unwanted fats are to be avoided by all means.
The Food Reeducation and Behavioural Program and Body Modelling by Clínica do Tempo®, permits an individualisation of the alimentary plan and to reduce weight and  fat excess, in a healthy and permanent way. And so t is possible to timely prevent different pathologies, of genetic origin or related to the lifestyle and life experiences, thus prolonging longevity.
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