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The main traps of sunbathing are the sunburns due to the UV rays (ultraviolet), but skin ageing also and, on long term, a larger risk of skin cancer. For tanning without danger, it’s better to follow some safety rules. Besides the regular topic use of sun protection lotions, it is convenient to reinforce  the protection capacities of the skin fighting free radicals, molecules which formation is favoured by the UV rays and, accumulating in the organism, accelerate skin ageing and the emergence of cancers and other health issues.
A diet richer on vitamin E (e.g. leaf vegetables), betacarotene (e.g. carrots), selenium (e.g. chicken), lycopene (e.g. watermelon) also helps to tan and is specially suited for hot weather and sunny days.
At the Nutrition Consultation and according to the results of your Body Composition Analysis, a personalised alimentary regime will be created for you that will allow you to control your weight and body fat, as well as your tanning preserving your face and your whole body skin.
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