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A too long or too intense exposure to the ultraviolet rays (UV) may have serious consequences for your health, like reddening, failing of the immunity defences, inflammation and eye injuries, the premature skin ageing and yet cancer. Even the most efficient solar protection cream is not sufficient to philtre all the UV. An index protection 2 secures 50% of the UV, an index 15 is a 93% security shield, and an index 50 still lets 2% go through. The best thing to do is to also protect yourself with a wide-brimmed hat, a dry t-shirt and sun-glasses.
Especially after summer, it is wise to follow the Time Scanner exam to avail your skin’s pH and its levels of hydration, elasticity and oiliness. From this diagnosis it is possible to start the better suited program for facial rejuvenation and complement it with the Clínica do Tempo® Orthomolecular Cosmetics.
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