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  • 16 Oct, 2017 Leituras: 0
  • Friday the 13th? Eat Lentils...

    Some consider Friday 13 an unlucky day!
    So we've decided to balance the scale that you should eat lentils today! Lentils are considered a good fortune and good luck food in many countries, because as they are small, round and plan, they look like gold coins. From the nutritional point of view, lentils are rich in fibres, they contain poor fatness and provide few calories by portion.

    13 Oct, 2017 Leituras: 8
  • Super Broccoli

    Not everyone likes broccoli, but this vegetable is fantastic for it contains phytonutrients that can stop human tumours' growth and can reduce the risk of cancer. A meal with broccoli will provide your daily portion of vitamin C and energy!

    12 Oct, 2017 Leituras: 8
  • Fructose

    Sugar existing in fruits is what gives them their sweet flavour. Even being natural, it is necessary to know how to introduce it in the way we nourish ourselves:
    Fruits with a medium/high level of fructose (in grams):

    10 Oct, 2017 Leituras: 13
  • Did you know?

    Pomme granate has three times more antioxidants than wine and tea. Pomme is are rich in vitamins, such as vitamin A, E and C, and is well-known for combatting issues related to the heart, stomach, anemia and diabetes. One of the best advantages from Pomme Granate relies on its juice, which has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. 

    09 Oct, 2017 Leituras: 13

  • 04 Oct, 2017 Leituras: 19
  • Pumpkin

    October is the best time to buy pumpkins. Being rich in iron, zinc and selenium, they bring plenty of benefits to your health:

    03 Oct, 2017 Leituras: 18
  • Do you know how to restrict the quantity of food you eat at home? (home tip)

    The first and best trick to eat less at each meal is not to place food on the table. Leave the pans on the stove and each one takes a plate and serves directly from there, then returning to table. Who wants to repeat has necessarily to stand up to get more food from the pan. Be sure that the temptation to repeat will be much smaller and even forgotten, because food is not just in front of you to be taken.   

    02 Oct, 2017 Leituras: 16
  • World Heart Day

    Despite all warnings from the World Health Organization, heart diseases continue to annually vicitimize thousands of people all around the world, essentially because of fatness and weight excess.

    29 Sep, 2017 Leituras: 22
  • What's the meaning of healthy living?

    There are several fundamental factors for us to lead a healthy life, such as a balanced nourishing, rich in natural products, fruits and vegetables; we must rest enough time and have a good sleeping quality, avoiding light exposure, without noise and at the right temperature; we should be physically active so that all our body is kept in good order and shape, with good blood circulation and oxygenation; and we have to look after our good mood, emotions and affections, because stress and distress, sadness and uneasiness are the cause of many diseases, not just psychological but physical as w

    27 Sep, 2017 Leituras: 24
  • Is there an ideal diet for everyone?

    With the Nutritional and Behavioural Reeducation Program by CLÍNICA DO TEMPO®, adapted to your body composition, environment and way of living, you'll be able to control your weight following the advice recommended by our Nutritionists and adopting a varied healthy eating habits. Besides, most of the time, results from common general diets are not long-lasting, that is only possible with an alimentary reeducation. 

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  • Do not forget your face!

    It's immediately after Summer, at the beginning of Autumn, that we should repair our face from the harms of the sun, the wind and sea-water. Treatments that nourish and moisturise our skin again are very important, so that we can avoid our face's premature ageing!

    14 Sep, 2017 Leituras: 33

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