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The British Cancer Research Centre revealed that obesity is taking over tobacco as the first indirect death cause by cancer among United Kingdom women population. But this is a problem of our global village, and also the cause of increased mortality due to cardiovascular issues and other kind of early death risks. It also revealed that in 25 years from now overweight will be the origin of many types of cancer, but truth is that it is so already! Fortunately, bad life habits as smoking have been decreasing, also due to advertising campaigns about tobacco harms. Same measures should, the sooner the best, be adapted to obesity.
The Food Reeducation and Behavioural Program and Body Modelling, permits an individualisation of the alimentary plan, weight control and extra fat reduction, in a permanent way, creating new healthier habits. This way it is possible to timely prevent different pathologies, of genetic origin or related to lifestyle and life experiences, thus prolonging longevity.
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