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A Chinese experience will take potato seeds to the Moon before this year is ending, but other alimentary species as well, like cress, intending to study the seed’s respiration and photosynthesis on the Moon.
Cress may be eaten raw, it is tuber that should be ingested green, at it state of greater freshness, a premise of the true healthy foods: the more it’s green and fresh, the better!
Be also aware that it has little calories, it is exempt of fats and it also stands out for its encouraging results on cancer prevention.
Potatoes are a base food in our planet, with a high nutritional power. Notwithstanding having some benefits for health, its main disadvantage is it high glycemic level that contributes, on a short term, to stocking fats and consequently to take up weight and, on a long term, to increase the risk of diabetes type 2. And they also cannot be eaten raw, unless sweet potatoes.
Then why potatoes? One of the project’s responsible replies: it may become “a good source of food for the future space travellers”.
In conclusion, Clínica do Tempo® already has a national presence, international and intercontinental, and may well be opening another unit in the Moon!
The Food Reeducation and Behavioural program and Body Modelling by Clínica do Tempo®, enables an individualisation of the alimentary regime and weight and fat excess reduction, in a healthy and permanent way. So it is possible to timely prevent different pathologies, of genetic origin or related to lifestyle and life experiences, hence prolonging longevity.
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