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Barbecue food is not so well judged concerning health. In fact, exposing meat to very high temperatures unfortunately leads to the formation of carcinogenic compounds. That is why it is always wise not to eat the charred parts and it is advisable that food is not in direct contact with the charcoal flames. To avoid such dangers, marinate or precook the meat in the oven or the micro-waves to eliminate its juice before placing it on the grill. This way it will take less time to grill and can be subject to flames, avoiding excessive exposure to very high temperatures, and it will also restringe the formation of burnt parts.
Don’t use only meat for barbecues, use chicken, fish, squids, vegetables, tofu, fruit, almonds and nuts, drink a “sangria” alcohol free and plenty of fresh fruit juice, and eat our delicious season fruits as dessert.
At the Nutrition Consultation and according to the results of your Body Composition Analysis, a personalised alimentary regime will be created for you that will allow you to control your weight and body fat, eating nothing but the best to your health.
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