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The beauty of a woman has 3 essential types of beauty:

The Beauty you can see – It’s your visit card, your firs and determinative contact with the world. Taking care of your appearance enhances your self-esteem and self-confidence.

The Beauty you can sense – The beauty you can see is worthless without physical and mental balance. Fight against stress, control your energy levels and do physical exercise  to strenghten your body and mind, eliminating toxins and putting worries aside.

The Beauty which is yours – Consists of the alliance between the Beauty you can see and the Beauty you can sense. Take your first step making your appointment at Clínica do Tempo®, and you will be giving a new path to your life in order to be a happier person, because happy people are the most beautiful people.


LIPOSHAPER® – reduces the number of fat cells in the organism, eliminating the fat excess and modelling the body contour in different zones.


BIOTIME® – disrupts the fat nodules and tones the muscles, combats cellulite and flaccidity, promotes good blood-circulation in the lower limbs.


ETERNUS® – anti-ageing facial treatment that restructures face skin in a completely natural way.


DETOX+® – a complete programme to clean and regenerate the detoxification pathways of the organism.


CONSULTATION – Nutritional, Food Re-Education and Behavioural, functional Fitness and Stress control evaluation.

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