CLÍNICA DO TEMPO® has conventions with the most recent and innovative clinical solutions for the treatment of varicose veins, venous expansions that can go from small vascular spiders to larger veins that appear in the lower limbs with an inadequate venous return, which are more common amongst the feminine population, affecting 70% of all women.

CLÍNICA DO TEMPO® has solutions to treat all kinds of varicose veins, with special emphasis on an innovator technique that requires no surgery for larger scale veins, totally safe and painless, showing excellent results, aesthetically much better than those obtained with surgery.

At the same time, people are taught the daily care needed to extend in time the obtained results. *

Frequently varicose veins are a consequence of too much weight and too much body fat. For those cases Clínica do Tempo® has an Alimentary and Behavioural Re-education Programme with Body Modelling that can eliminate, in a safe and healthy way, pounds and fat in excess. This programme must take place before any vascular treatment so that the results may be protracted.*

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In order to eliminate the unwanted hair efficiently, painlessly and with long-lasting results, Clínica do Tempo® always has the most recent and most effective treatments.

Its technology can be used any time of the year and treats any color of hair, in any type of skin, in women or in men, without leaving any scars, any hypo-pigmentation or any hyper-pigmentation.

With the first treatment, the skin will be smoother; the results will vary according to the skin type, the pauses between treatments and the growing phase of the hair. *

* Results may vary depending on the characteristics of each person (age, gender, physical condition) but, mainly, on the degree of compliance to the prescribed programme.