Skin is our largest organ, corresponding to 16% of the body weight, and a vital one for without it surviving would not be possible.

Our face reflects the balance or imbalance of our organism in a global way, that is why in order to treat its aspect it is necessary to balance our organism a whole.

Our beauty and youth start inside ourselves, whereat your nourishment should be ruled and balanced so that you may rejuvenate from the inside, improving your state health, and from the outside, upgrading your self-confidence and self-esteem.

The more objective and rigorous the diagnosis is, the better the treatment results shall be.

Time Scanner allows the early detection of the premature ageing of facial skin, measuring its pH, its hydration levels, elasticity and oiliness.

With this diagnosis ist is possible to personalize and begin the most adequate programme for an immediate skin rejuvenation. *

This programme may also be complemented with our Orthomolecular Cosmetics.

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* Results may vary depending on the characteristics of each person (age, gender, physical condition) but, mainly, on the degree of compliance to the prescribed programme.