regaining years of life

The aggressions the skin is faced with, due to constant exposures to sun, air, cold, impurities and environmental pollution, may give it a worn down and less young aspect.

The line of cosmetic products from CLÍNICA DO TEMPO®, enables you to substantially delay skin ageing, giving it a younger look. *

Orthomolecular Cosmetics from CLÍNICA DO TEMPO®, contain all the indispensable nutrients for a beautiful and healthy skin, reducing creases, wrinkles and ageing signs.

At Clínica do Tempo® we recommend the use of our cosmetics as a complement to Eternus® – the first non-invasive “lifting”.

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* Results may vary depending on the characteristics of each person (age, gender, physical condition) but, mainly, on the degree of compliance to the prescribed programme.



well-balanced food supplement

Food supplements are needed when the lack of some nutrients is detected, a shortage that might cause important imbalances in the human body.

The fulfilment of these food imbalances enables the adelay of our biological clock and helps us live longer and healthier.

The food supplements of Clínica do Tempo® are made of the most innovative substances and subject to a thorough quality control, respecting all the enforced legislation.

To detect the nutrients missing in our body, the presence of toxic metals and free radicals in excess, and also the kind of food that might cause changes in our body, Clínica do Tempo® makes available its Orthomolecular Check-Up.

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