CLÍNICA DO TEMPO® advises the benefit of daily exercise and physical activity, as part of the Food and Behaviour Re-education Program and as a way to have better health and to extend lifetime.

That is why a Fitness Consulting is performed to evaluate the physical condition for all of its clients and, at the same time, an explanation is given about how the body reacts to exercise and which changes may be achieved with health benefit.

To strengthen and to stretch our muscles make us more flexible and dynamic, stronger, thinner and better equipped to deal with the harsh of age.

Once the consultation is over, an exercise programme establishedaccording to each individual’s needs is given, to follow at the gym or back home without the necessity of any special equipment.

The goal is to attain the correct posture, coordination, agility, and body equilibrium in all ages, based on the three essential components of good physical condition – vigour, strength and flexibility.

For those who practice physical exercise in a more regular way and even professionally, Clínica do Tempo® makes also available a Sports Nutrition Consultation where, upon a rigorous Body Composition Analysis and life habits, an alimentary regime is prescribed adapted to the daily effort spent and to the intended objectives.

For a faster definition and muscular tone this programme may be completed with Biotime® (750 push-ups/30 minutes). *

Read more at Muscle Toning – Biotime®.

* Results may vary depending on the characteristics of each person (age, gender, physical condition) but, mainly, on the degree of compliance to the prescribed programme.