Biotime® is an innovative and exclusive treatment by Clínica do Tempo® that allows the simultaneous or individual use of 3 confirmed efficient techniques – thermotherapy with infrareds, electro-stimulation and ultra-sounds – dissolving the nodules of fat and toning muscles. Results may be speedy and long lasting. *

It may be applied for cellulite treatment and muscle flaccidity, and it is also especially efficient for bad blood circulation on the lower limbs.*

A 30 minutes session is equivalent to 750 well-executed push-ups. *

More than ever before, the excess of fat is considered the epidemic of the XXI Century, but unfortunately this problem has always existed and is the source of many diseases, especially cardiovascularone of the most killing infirmities in the world.

Cellulite has also increased and, once settled, is very difficult to get rid of.

With the Food and Behaviour Re-education by CLÍNICA DO TEMPO® and a specific treatment routine, with special emphasis on Biotime®, the intended result may be seen faster than you imagine.*

* Results may vary depending on the characteristics of each person (age, gender, physical condition) but, mainly, on the degree of compliance to the prescribed programme.