Planning the wedding is planning the perfect and unforgettable day, a time to eternalize, of the few where you will gather the whole family and socialize with all your closest friends on one occasion.

Therefore, it must be THE PERFECT DAY. One of the most important moments in the months leading up is the choice of the wedding dress. Feeling beautiful, confident and comfortable will reflect the joy of the day and the happiness of the moment.

On that day, you should wear the dress you liked best and not the only one that suited you … We shape your body, in a harmonious and healthy way, for your dream dress … With LIPOSHAPER® – the 1st “Liposuction” Non-Invasive – it is possible to shape your body and eliminate up to 20cm of localized fat in a single 1-hour session, without cuts, without anesthesia and without recovery time.

The ETERNUS® – the 1st Non-Invasive “Lifting” – is also part of the SPECIAL BRIDE PROGRAM to rejuvenate your face and eliminate the appearance of any early wrinkles that already exist or may appear with the concerns of the wedding…

We also have special conditions for brides, that can become exceptional if accompanied by the bridesmaids and the bride’s mother! …