It is a pity that, in general, young mothers find it difficult to regain their good shape in order to enjoy their motherhood in beauty. Returning to wearing jeans the month after giving birth is a mirage for most women…

The dilated and flabby belly seems to have come to stay and is perhaps the main cause of the postpartum depression that most women suffer after the birth of their children.

Also, their appetite has increased to such an extent that they cannot resist “trying a little bit of everything” while they are in the kitchen, preparing baby meals and theirs.

Making an appointment at the CLÍNICA DO TEMPO can easily change this.

The new POSTPARTUM RECOVERY PROGRAM of the CLÍNICA DO TEMPO, includes the Nutrition Consultation, Food and Behavioural Re-Education and Body Shaping with LIPOSHAPER® – the 1st Non-Invasive “Liposuction” – where it is possible to shape your body and eliminate up to 20cm of localized fat in a single 1-hour session, without cuts, without anesthesia and without recovery time, which can be complemented with BIOTIME® – a treatment that in a 30-minute session makes muscle stimulation equivalent to 750 abdominal exercises as well executed.

With our help, Postpartum Depression will certainly turn into POSTPARTUM BEAUTY…