Modern business life, extremely competitive, does not sympathize with the disease, fatigue or lack of energy of its human resources and those who suffer from it are usually left behind in their career progression. Even in a job interview, in the selection criteria of most companies, it is not enough to have a good resume, it is also necessary to have a healthy and rejuvenated aspect.

At CLÍNICA DO TEMPO, we created the new SPECIAL PROGRAM EXECUTIVE that will allow you to increase your physical and intellectual performance and develop your full potential, learning to master your stress and consequently improving all of your performance.

This SPECIAL PROGRAM EXECUTIVE also includes the Fitness Consultation, the Orthomolecular Check-Up that allows to evaluate the missing nutrients in the body, the level of cellular oxidation and the biological age, the LIPOSHAPER® – the 1st Non-Invasive “Liposuction” – where it is possible to shape your body and eliminate up to 20cm of localized fat in a single session of 1 hour, without cuts, without anesthesia and without recovery time, BIOTIME – a treatment for abdominal definition through muscle stimulation – and also ETERNUS ® – the 1st Non-Invasive “Lifting” – to rejuvenate your face and eliminate the appearance of any early wrinkles that already exist or may appear with the concerns of business life and the current world …

With the new SPECIAL PROGRAM EXECUTIVE it is possible to delay your biological clock, rebalance your body and metabolism and make you a healthier person globally.